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Automate deployment and integrate SSRS reports into your CI environment
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Hi, my name is Phil Davenport.  I have been in Information Technology for over 25 years.  My background is development and design in .NET and SQL Server. As part of the holistic solution I am also generally involved in the Business Intelligence (BI) aspect of the solution.  Over that time there has, of course, been phenominal change, for the better, in almost all areas.  Two areas that has had particular focus for improvement is deployment and continuous delivery/integration (CI).


Although these areas have had a lot of attention for technologies like .NET and SQL Server with the advent of ClickOnce and Database Projects (dbpro/SSDT) respectively, management around Business Intelligence (BI) projects, particularly SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a little weaker.  Although there are options provided, it is still not straight forward to simply automate report publish and promote of all associated elements into a logical file structure.  To reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), I was curious why, and as a developer, because the instinct is to always automate, this is where the desire to develop something that saves the pain of an otherwise manual process came about.


While searching for a product that did everything that I required, I found many utilities and code samples that did some of the things I required, but none seemed to provide a comprehensive solution.  I really needed a pure handover tool that I was confident would intuitively link reports, shared data sources, and the new SSRS 2008R2/2012/2014/2016 shared data set, as well as accomodating subscriptions, models, images, linked reports, and the remaining objects types.  And at the same time be able to fully handover to either release teams and/or automated deployment process (eg. continuous delivery/integration [CI])